Bowl Conversion


Finally….. the most important innovation in the Bowling Industry in the last 10 years!! COMMERCIAL RECREATION SPECIALISTS (CRS) is proud to present the ‘4 Lane Soft Play & Laser Tag’ Conversion.

It’s no secret that when the Smoking Ban went into effect in 1998, League Play suffered drastically. At some Bowling Centers, sales in this area dropped more than 50 %. This has left many facilities with under utilized lanes taking up valuable space with virtually no demand for constant use anymore.

For years, the only alternative available to Bowling Center Operators was the complete renovation of their entire facility to become a club-type atmosphere with private Boutique Lanes and a much higher level of Food Service. In short, Bowling Center operators were asked to become Club Owners and Restaurateurs. 

Not to mention the Investment required: often $ 1,000,000 to $ 1,500,000 – Further, there is lost revenue while the location is closed during the complete renovations. It turns out that this type of upscale facility only be realistically achieved by 15 % of Bowling Center Operators…..What about the Rest of the industry?

CRS HAS THE ANSWER: In the space of just 4 regulation-sized Bowling Lanes, we will custom build a 3 level Soft Play Unit and a 12 Player fully Themed Laser Tag Arena. PLUS: all this can be achieved for under $ 150,000 – And your facility can remain open during renovations.

We have also attached a Pro Forma of potential increased Birthday Party Sales Income possible with the CRS 4 Lane Conversion.

If you are interested in further information, please email me at for more information or call me at (973) 769-2083


CRS 4 Lane Bowling Conversion 

Bowling Conversion Birthday Party Revenue Pro