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All Kids Play Designs has been a leader Soft Modular Play Design for over 21 years. AKPD has designed and/or built more than 300 projects. ALL KIDS PLAY DESIGNS have ‘Open View’ designs and Parent ‘Walk-Under Areas’ with more than 53 Play Elements available ….We provide the BEST in challenging, FUN Soft Contained Play Units – Where the emphasis is on aerobic, physical movement and cognitive decision-making in a unique and safe environment.

Monotonous Deck runs and view-obstructing Theming doesn’t make it with today’s kids anymore!!!…..Movement, Challenge, Visuals, Interaction and FUN does!!!

All Kids Play Designs delivers all these and a whole lot more!!

  • We take a "Parents Need Visibility" approach – utilizing open view play elements and walk-under areas.
  • Safety is our #1 priority. Kid’s safety comes first!
  • We don't "mega-design" your play unit – We design to your capacity and budgetary needs!
  • Over 53 innovative play elements and more than 20 designer colors.
  • Our professional in-house Installation Team will have you open on time and on budget!

Please contact us today and let use help you move your project forward!!!

Phone: (973) 769-2083